• Aug. 19, 2021, 4:30 a.m.

    Hello everyone!

    Admin application is NOW open!
    Get on the forum and go to admin application, but of course, there are some specific requirements

    if someone was recently removed from the administrator for inactivity, then this person will only be able to make a statement in a month.



    +10.000 Score In-Game
    -Know the rules
    -Know the commands
    -Be Active (Not only on the server but also in Discord and the Forum)
    -Do what your superior level admin says
    -Before the ban, make registration and send it to the higher admin level staff
    -Do not abuse the Admin/VIP commands
    -Only a pc version
    -And must be over 15 years old

    The Matrix Stunting has a very strong and active administration team and staff that protect and take care of the server. To be a part of our staff you must meet certain requirements, and you must be an active player. More of which is discussed below.

    If you intend to apply, read the following carefully:

    To apply for a post, we require you to meet a few requirements. These are discussed below.

    1. We prefer players who have had prior experience in administration, whether in TMS or anywhere else. This is because experienced players know how to handle situations properly.

    2. A very basic requirement is that you must not have been banned from this server before. The reason being whatsoever. However, if you feel capable enough, you might talk to our managers and discuss your application with them.

    3. Along with prior administration experience, we seek enough player experience at this server too. This means that your in-game score must be at least 10000(The more, the better). This means, your level must be at least (50/100) (to check your level use /stats).

    4. An administrator's duty is to safeguard the rules of the server and the server itself. Hence we seek players who follow the rules themselves.

    5. An Administrator must be an active player, this is because he can keep track of the activities at the forums as well as in-game. We would avoid letting inactive players in here.

    6. Being a VIP would add as a bonus to your chances of being an administrator. VIPs are special players and it could help you with your application (this means who have Gold & Platinum VIP).

    7. Old players generally have a good experience of the server and the administration, so they would make better administrators.

    8. Knowledge of administration commands and duties are an optional requirement that would help you commence your job faster and shall help you if you are a newbie.

    To apply use this.

    In-Game Name:
    Score In-Game:
    Pc or Mobile:
    Tell us a little bit about yourself:
    Spoken languages:
    Do you have any previous administration experience, whether it is SA:MP or elsewhere, if so, tell us about them:

    Administration Questions:

    1. When someone starts to DM outside of a DM zone, what would you do?:

    2. If a new player joins, what things would you introduce?:

    3. If you see an admin abusing, what would you do?:

    4. What services could you offer to the server?:

    Feel free to reply with more than short words.

    You can make your request Here then just click on the top corner Start thread.

    And we write only here on the forum and not in the discord.

    Thank you for applying.

    -By TMS staff.

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