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    Dec. 4, 2021, 7:07 p.m.

    1.mechanic-drives around in a tow truck towing illegally parked player vehicles into a parking lot where players have to pay to get their car back and if u coud add a vehicle break down system mechanics coud get an order from someone to come fix their vehicle.
    2.medic-drives around in an ambulance so when someone gets injured they can call a medic to help them or if they get a dissease medics coud cure them.
    3.firefighter-drives around in a firetruck removing obstacles from roads like fallen trees and puts out random fires that apear around the map.
    4.news reporter-drives around in a news van putting up advertisments of people selling their vehicles.
    5.police-drives around in multiple cop cars or bikes they woud go around checking everyone for illegal stuff like guns(u woud need a permit for guns)checking everyones speed and stuff police do.
    6.swat-drives around in armored vehicles stopping robberies and other types of crimes, works with the police.
    7.trucker-drives around in big trucks delivering supplies to peoples bussineses so they can keep making money.
    8.taxi driver-drives around getting people to their destination(this woudnt be useful if we woud keep the vehicle spawn menu).
    Thats it for now im still thinking of more.

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