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    July 14, 2021, 8:32 p.m.

    Talking about the number of players we have currently,HOSTED TAB is actually doing well.We're having around 5-10 during the day.But the problem is,players don't stay in the server.Always same numbers but different nicknames.

    Today i want to talk about this situation which i see as an issue.

    The reason why we can't keep players in the server is because the server is all about playing chill,driving around do some stunts etc.The player wants to have a short-chill time.So he joins a server and drives around for some minutes and leave then joins a server where he can have,play for something.This is the issue.TMS is a place for chilling for a short time,especially and even for the staff (not the new ones joined us such as Vlad,Gxfe,for me,logan,sony).Players can't earn money,can't make an investment and have a return from it.So they don't have A GOAL to make in the server.We gotta start with decreasing business prices AS A START to start solving this issue.

    Come on guys,please think:You're joining a server,you see in the chat "special checkpoint in LS Airport,go grab it and win special prizes!" then you find out where that place is and get only 5k as a prize.When you search what you can do with that money you see there is no option.Smallest casino is 2m,shouldn't buy weapons because gonna lose at the first respawn.So there is no goal to keep the player play in the server and go for it.

    What makes you like a game? Any game for example in steam.Maybe you like playing CSGO.Why? You like shooting stuff etc.You could play different shooter games everyday but you play only CSGO.Because there is a rank up system for example.Every time you win in the match you get a rank,a prize that makes you keep going and achieve something higher.Can you currently find anything in TMS like this? I dont think so because what most of us only doing is driving around San Andreas with our Sultans.

    So i suggest you,lets start with decreasing the business prices to create our first goal for the players.REMOVE A ZERO ON EVERY BUSINESS.
    Casino -> Currently 2.500.000 per upgrade/buy.Decrease to 250k
    Market(Small)-> Currently 500.000 per upgrade/buy.Decrease to 50k
    etc. etc. etc...

    Don't think it becomes too low ammount.Just try playing as a normal player from 0 score.You see that its actually still hard.


    We need to decrease these business prices to this ammount.And test the profits for a month,let's see if we get return of our investments or not.

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    July 14, 2021, 9:13 p.m.

    Hi Etasar, i agree with you, your idea is very good
    We all by the staff should work about all this, because lot of times when I was Lv4 time ago people lot of times asked me money's but I had no possibility to have them money, i didn't had possibility to have them money, the only one possibility was that give them my own money's, wich i earned by my businesses.
    With reaction tests, maths, races let's be honest, you don't earn so much, you should be an imprenditor to have lot of moneys, in my case I have 3 businesses and i can live with sufficient money's. (Actually i have 7.1m)
    So maybe - increase the quantity of moneys wich you can earn with reaction tests, maths and races to make all new people earn more money's.
    Btw i appreciate you text and you explained some really good ideas

    -4l3_k1ll (GxFE)

  • July 14, 2021, 9:39 p.m.

    And by the way, not only the purchase of businesses to reduce the price and reduce the price of lowering the level of business.

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